TGA – Request for SGM

From: Member of Tyne Gateway Association.
To: Chairman TGA
Cc: Committee Members, TGA
Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 10:38 PM
Subject: Re: Request for SGM of Tyne Gateway

Request for SGM of Tyne Gateway

Dear Chairman,
In reply to your email sent earlier today, yes I am aware that a General Meeting has been called. I am a bit confused as to why this has not happened earlier as my first request was sent on 06/09/2013, and I was notified on the 12/10/2013 that an AGM had been arranged for 09/11/2013, 65 days after my initial request. I have attached the proposed agenda.
As have several other concerned residents, I have been in contact with STMBC since the start of the construction at the Tyne Slipway site, and several issues and inconsistencies have been noted by all of us. Your comment “…I am not entirely sure what can be done at this point.” is exactly why I requested a General Meeting, so that residents could share and discuss thoughts, Continue reading TGA – Request for SGM

TGA – Chair to Mem

Received on 16/10/2013

Member of Tyne Gateway Association,

You will be aware from the e-mail from the Secretary, that a meeting has been called as requested. As such can you outline what exactly it is that you are proposing to cover and achieve at the meeting; it would obviously be of benefit to have a full agenda prepared to structure the meeting. I am fully aware of the situation at the Tyne Slipway, but am also aware that planning permission was granted by the council in 1996 as per the planning application; whilst the structure is obviously a major obstruction with regard to our view over the river I am not entirely sure what can be done at this point. If anything can be done at this point I have no doubt that it would be supported by the members of the Tyne Gateway. As an aside to that, I have no problem with calling a meeting at any point, or for any specific reason, but I do not take kindly to the bullish tone of your e-mails; I understand your concerns as a neighbour and resident – I do not have any conflict of interests and am not sure what would make you think such a thing.


TGA – 3rd request for Meeting

Sent on 09/10/2013
This will be my third request for you as the Chairman of the Tyne Gateway Association to call a Special General Meeting with the required 21 days notice. If you have some particular reason for not calling a SGM could you please advise me why. If the subject of the SGM causes you a conflict of interest you should declare this and allow your deputy to call the meeting.
The Tyne Gateway was specifically set up to address the issues arising from such developments as we are now witnessing at the Tyne Slipway site.The Vision and Aims of the constitution of the Tyne Gateway Association are very clear.
More than two weeks have been wasted since my first request, wasted time that cannot be afforded.
Member of Tyne Gateway Association.