Application for a Second Shed

Date: 10/09/2015
Our ref:   ST/0461/14/FUL
This matter is being dealt with by:
Garry Simmonette on 0191 4247426
e-mail address:

Dear Sir/Madam
Proposal: Demolition of the existing single storey office block and workshop/winch house with additional office and storage accommodation on its roof. The existing buildings will be replaced with a new 2 storey office block, workshop with winch house and mezzanine floor to provide a staff canteen, managers office, kitchen and sanitary facilities, an extension to the existing boat shed, an additional boat shed (to match existing) and a new jetty. The existing vehicular access is to be relocated.
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2nd Docks Shed

is on the stocks again. ST/0461/14/FUL
Get your complaint in before the end of September – make sure you mention that the first one is 3 meters too high and has been built without planning permission. On current form UK Docks will be allowed to build the second one the same height as the first. UK Docks have built the first one higher and wider than planned.  The Council say it is not higher than planned but we do not think that is true because in two years neither they nor UK Docks have produced any authorised plans to support their opinion.ElevationNo6
Elevation 6. The river end. Notice the second shelter is the height that the first should have been and they are going to extend the first one so that the ferry will fit!  The first shed has been built 3m higher than planned to accommodate a travelling crane which probably upgrades the use of the boat yard from light to heavy engineering (B1/B2 argument).