STC Planning Committee – 12th Jan 2016

UK Docks Expansion  – Put back to 1st Feb

Melanie has heard back from South Tyneside Council who say the UK Docks planning application which if approved will have a huge negative effect on the whole of Greens Place and River Drive has been put forward to be heard at the Planning Committee on 12th January 2016, no public have been officially informed of this yet but UK Docks has been informed.

She says, please, we need to get as many members of the public in the public gallery for this committee meeting, strength in numbers.

Beacon Public House – Put back to 1st Feb

The Committee  decided to do a site visit.

Two and a bit years ago.

First Meeting of Residents/Householders about the Shed

In October 2013 Local Residents (20 or so) met in the Littlehaven Hotel, South Shields, to discuss the Shed or Slipway Cover being constructed by UK Docks, nearby, in River Drive. The meeting agreed that the shed was built much higher than planned but this was difficult to prove because the plans provided by the Council could be interpreted to indicate that the height was not materially different from that planned and anyway the Council would not say how high the framework was.
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