Misinterpretation of plans by STC 2

Dear Paul,

Thank you for the feed-back. Someone also said to me, just accept the fact that the shed has been built too high and move on, get people interested in what is going to happen now. My point is that if you do not bring the Council to account they will just continue to tread all over us while they dance to the tune of the ‘Vested Interests’. Continue reading Misinterpretation of plans by STC 2

Dear Mr Lewis, LGO

Dear Mr Lewis,

Complaint against South Tyneside Metropolitan Borough Council

Thank you for responding. My records show that your Inspector, Adele Reynolds, sent her final draft for 14015052 on the 15th April 2015, not in March as you say in your letter.

This is important because I wrote to my MP about the slipway cover on River Drive being 3 meters higher than planned on the 31st March 2015. I could see from your Inspector’s first draft, 9th March, that she had bypassed the main point of my complaint, i.e. we were told that the cover was built to approved plans when it had not and she had ignored the height question completely. Continue reading Dear Mr Lewis, LGO