Breaches in Planning – Ignored by STC

Covered Shipyard on River Drive.

Letter to Paul 22-Feb-18.

When a neighbour said last summer, “The thought of having to tell UK Docks to modify their new shed plus the repercussions it would have on the second proposed shed must give them nightmares.” I thought it a very polite way of putting it because while it would have not caused much in the way costs to the public purse if the Council had asked them to remove 3 years before it would be a different matter in 2017.

Not only that, if they had admitted that it was too wide and too high when first challenged they would have just looked inept and could have blamed it on savage cuts imposed on them by a particularly spiteful Tory Minister (Sir Eric Pickles) etc., but they didn’t and one wonders why, especially as it lead to them having to misinform the Local Government Ombudsman. What follows is my response to the neighbour in some detail: Continue reading Breaches in Planning – Ignored by STC

TGA and STC v the Residents.

The set of emails shows that the Chairman of the TGA and the Council were working in tandem to assist UK Docks in their development and to cover up the breaches in the height and width of the cover.

Mar 2014

8-Mar Comment from neighbour – immediate reversion to November’s view.
4-Mar Local Residents Wish List which included the thankyou for conceding that the cover is too high.
The only approved drawing from 1996 (8296/2) with dimensions shows a road end of 12.7m.

Continue reading TGA and STC v the Residents.

Misinformation – Deliberate or Not?

Corporate Lead, Hayley Johnson, maintains there is no evidence to suggest that there has been deliberate misinformation provided by Council officers to the Local Government Ombudsman. This was in spite of being advised of the shortcomings of the drawings used by the Council (it gives both ends of the slipway cover as the same height) . Only one of the statements in the lists below has to be true for the Corporate Lead’s statement to be false! Continue reading Misinformation – Deliberate or Not?

Council and the Ombudsman v The Residents

Hi Julie,
When you let me know that UK Docks Ltd registered address is now River Drive, I was busy with the email I sent you on the 8th January about the meetings we had in late 2013. I’ve re-posted a tidier version on the site ‘TGA and STC v the Residents’ and added some illustrations to make it very clear that I was using an approved drawing which directly contradicted what Mr Cunningham was saying. I also dropped the reference to the Chair and Treasurer of the TGA being Freemasons as it was not relevant to Mr Cunningham misinforming both the Councillors and the Residents at the fateful meeting in November 2013.
Thanks for the letting me know about ST/0921/17/FUL but I’ve tried comparing this development with others before and failed but what I have discovered is that South Council use the Ombudsman, or should I say misuse, by giving them misinformation and /or misrepresentations about drawings, sequence of events etc. to cover up mistakes made by their planning/building inspection teams. There appears to be nobody taking responsibility for making sure that plans are followed. Continue reading Council and the Ombudsman v The Residents