Cllr A: To Graeme


Dear Chairman of the TGA,

Please cast your mind back to the meeting at the Town Hall on 25-Nov-13, the one arranged to determine whether UK Docks slipway shed had been built to plan, you were Chair of the Tyne Gateway at the time. Opinion was divided at that time into two camps, the first being those that said it was ‘legal’ meaning it was built to approved plans and those that did not.

Those that did not, had worked out from the few documents provided by the Principal Planning Officer, Mr Cunningham that it was about 3 meters too high – figure 1, and I shall return to that but before that I need to establish the order true order of events at that time regarding the width of the shed.
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Cllr A: Dear Gill Hayton

26 October 2018

Cllr John Anglin and the Town Hall Meeting, 25-Nov-2013.

Thank you for responding to my complaint about this.

I might be useful if I summarise my correspondence with Cllr Angela Hamilton and the MP for South Shields for those that have not been party to it and remind you the attendees were; Cllrs Anglin and MacMillan, Principal Planning Officer (Mr Cunningham), Chair and Treasurer of the TGA and myself.

It appears that whatever his intentions were, when Cllr Anglin promised to get some clarity, as to whether the shed had been built to plan or not, he completely failed to do so. We went to the meeting he arranged at the Town Hall expecting either, to come away with approved plans that showed we were wrong in our assessment the the shed was too wide and too high, or a concession that we were correct. Continue reading Cllr A: Dear Gill Hayton

Cllr A: Dear Angela-2

This is a continuation of the email I sent you Friday 12th. There was to be a third ‘and more’ but as you can see from my email to the last known secretary of the Tyne Gateway Assn (TGA) it was getting complicated and even then I missed a vital piece of information. Item 3, of the minutes 15-Nov-13.

Confirmation has been received from Planning Department that height of structure is 15.5m measured from point above foundations to road landward side.

It was measured on 17-Sep-13 but notice that there is no mention of the width. A careless omission don’t you think? It was because they would not tell us how wide it was that I had to go and measure for myself a day or so after the meeting (25-Nov-13) and informed all who attended the meeting about it in my email to Cllr Anglin, 16-Dec-13.

We were told at that meeting that the shed was compliant or, as the Planning Manager said, 15-Jan-14, in accordance with the measurements shown on the approved drawings. The drawings, approved or not, give the width as 12.2m. I measured it as 13.2m and we eventually found out (28-Jan-14; four months after they measured it!) that it was actually 13.1m. Continue reading Cllr A: Dear Angela-2

Cllr A: TGA notes

15th October 18

Dear Secretary,
I’m sorry to have included you latest correspondence I am having with Councillor Hamilton but you were secretary of the Tyne Gateway Assn (TGA) during the time of which we speak.
You can see our new Councillor is having the same trouble with the Council as we had five years ago, the main difference being that we were only having trouble with Principal Planning Officer, Mr Peter Cunningham and she is now having trouble with the entire Council. Continue reading Cllr A: TGA notes

Cllr A: Gazette Jobs

Dear Councillor Hamilton
I see from the Gazette last Sunday that UK Docks have won some orders for their yards on the Wear and Teesside. It looked like the Council were playing the ‘Jobs’ card but on reading the article one can see it has nothing to do with jobs on Tyneside.
I have no objection to Jonathan Wilson siting his headquarters on River Drive but I do object to his boat shed. It was built without planning permission and with the collusion of the planning department of South Tyneside Council. Continue reading Cllr A: Gazette Jobs

Announcing Jobs on Teesside.

South Shields firm wins MOD contract worth millions UK Docks, River Drive, South Shields UK Docks, River Drive, South Shields Lisa Nightingale Email Published: 09:00 Sunday 07 October 2018.

Jobs could be created after a South Tyneside-based firm secured a multi-million pound Ministry of Defence contract to repair and restore three Royal Navy ships. UK Docks, which is based in River Drive, South Shields, has dry docks on the Wear and Tees will maintain survey ships HMS Enterprise and HMS Echo as well as ice patrol ship HMS Protector. Continue reading Announcing Jobs on Teesside.