To Prospective Candidate 27-04-19

Dear David,
I should have copied you in to my email to Cllr Angela Hamilton but here is a bit of background to the size of the offending shed. Melanie Todd wrote:

Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2014 3:25 PM
Subject: Martin Swales, Chief Executive | South Tyneside Council
Here’s the overview and email address for our Chief Executive. I have now been stonewalled by Ian Rutherford, Gordon Atkinson and George Mansbridge, so I’m emailing direct to Mr Swales.

She was wasting her time I believe because Mr Swales does not
answer any correspondence about UK Docks but she left the original
offender off her list, Peter Cunningham, he was the person telling
everybody that the enclosure was approved. To put it bluntly he was lying when he said that and we have it in writing in an email from
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Letter to Mr Harding: 9-Apr-19

9th April 2019

Dear Mr Harding,

Councillor Anglin, UK Docks and the Enclosure on River Drive

Gill Hayton’s response to my complaint about Cllr Anglin and the Town Hall meeting of 25-Nov-13 is not sound but she does say I may ask you to review her decision if I am dissatisfied.

Her decision appears to be based on three misrepresentations given to the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) by a Senior Planning Officer of South Tyneside Council:

LGO Gill Hayton


21. The Council accepts these measurements were wrong. 5. The Council later accepted that the measurements as taken in 2013 were incorrect.


31. The applicant stated the height at this end as 12.5 metres plus 3 metres making 15.5 metres. 6. The Ombudsman found no fault in how the Council determined the permitted height of the landward end of the development was 12.5 metres plus 3 metres.


23. It decided the degree of departure from the plans – less than one metre – was “non-material.” 5. The Council decided not to take enforcement action against the developer and considered the degree of departure from the grant of planning permission was “non-material” given the overall scale of the building.

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