The Mansbridge Trap

Set on 2nd June 2014 – after he deleted 248789 and substituted it with 253539

This was a meeting arranged between the Head of Development Services and I to discuss the Agent’s Drawing produced in August 2013 to meet 4th Condition of the Grant of 1996. I had requested the meeting to illustrate to him that a slipway cover was not built to the planned height or to put it another way, the river end had a planned height of 15.5m rather than the landward end. The gradient between the ends is 2.7m

The Planning Manager brought two drawings to the meeting, 8296/1A and 8296/2. He did not bring the Agent’s drawing, 8296/14 so the meeting was a waste of time and after I told the meeting that 8296/1A showed both ends of the cover as the same height, it was effectively bought to an end.

Being nothing else to discuss and the meeting not being minuted, I told them instead, what I thought about UK Docks monopoly and corrupting influence of the Port of Tyne had over the planning decisions by the Council.
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