a Busy Morning, 26-Feb

I did not spot it at the time but I had written to the Office Manager of the MP for South Shields on the 24th February  explaining how and why the Head of Development Services had overwritten ‘the complaint‘ with one of his own so he could reintroduce unauthorised faulty drawings to replace the faultless approved ones.
The unauthorised faulty drawings were needed to con the Local Government Ombudsman into finding for the Council and UK Docks rather than the local residents.
Mr Palmer had conned me into thinking he was the MP’s new Office Manager. I’ve asked him who he is, officially speaking, but he declines to answer. All I know is that he is a colleague of the MP’s Office Manager.
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The first reference in the signed letter to Mr Harding, Head of Legal Services, 19th July 2019 pointed to a deleted post and it has now been reinstated to point correctly to a copy of the letter to him of April 9th 2019 which he did not even acknowledge. As it was not registered, this is the nearest thing I can do to prove of its existence. He no longer works for the Council.

A safer copy of the attached letter of the 19th July can be viewed in copy of the the email below.

South Tyneside Council and the Local Government Ombudsman.
From: mick.dawson@theharbourview.co.uk
Date: 19/06/2019 (21:08:05 BST)
To: Mike Harding
Andrew Tilbury (Solicitor, Peter Dunn & Co)
Alison Hoy (Customer Advocates)
Gill Hayton (Solicitor STC)
Cllr Angela Hamilton, Cllr David Francis, Cllr Anglin,
MP Emma Lewell-Buck, MP Stephen Hepburn
Chair TGA – Graeme Watson
STC – George Mansbridge, Peter Cunningham, Garry Simmonette

Attachment: DearMH19-June-19.pdf

Dear Mr Harding and Everybody,

Please see attached signed letter. It should be self explanatory. I knew from complaining about 71 Greens Place that the Council were misusing their complaints procedure and using the Ombudsman as a hidden fourth stage of it to hide malpractice, bad planning decisions etc. and it was clear from the start that that they were going to do the same thing with UK Docks shed.

If the Planning Officer who measured the shed had any evidence to support his view that the shed was approved we would have seen it long before we even considered resurrecting the Tyne Gateway Assn and certainly before the charade of the Town Hall meeting in November 2013.

It should of dawned on me before Alison’s email of 9-Dec-15 that they would use the Ombudsman’s findings to misinform other Residents, Councillors, MPs, Newspapers etc. but there you go, one does not expect people to lie to the Ombudsman.

Michael Dawson

Nor to their Monitoring Officer either.

Denial by Monitoring Officer

Fwd: Complaint: 248789 – Unplanned Development on River Drive
From: mick.dawson@theharbourview.co.uk
Date: 22/07/2020 (12:33:34 BST)
To: Nicola Robason
Cc: Cllr Angela Hamilton, Cllr David Francis, Emma Lewell-Buck MP, Keith Palmer, Customer Advocates, Hayley Johnson, Simon Buck, Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP
Bcc: 20+ local residents

2 Attachments

Simon Buck Threat 26-Feb-20.pdf (95 KB)A observation of the misuse of a Parliamentary Code.
LettertoHJ-02Sep16.pdf (92 KB)A criticism of the second hatchet job by Hayley Johnson. Needless to say, she ignored it but the main thing was her switch from complaint 248789 to 253539. The later number was invented by the Head of Development Services to hide the corruption of the complaints procedure by him and his staff else they would not have been able to take the complaint to the fourth stage, the Ombudsman. There were two emails following the one of the 4th April. None of the questions raised in any of them was addressed by Mr Mansbridge:

  1. 4-Apr-14, Continuing to use the shed;
  2. 2-May-14, Misuse of the Complaints Procedure by Planning Staff;
  3. 9-May-14, Request a correction to the response to our Petition.

Dear Nicola,
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The Mansbridge Trap

Set in June 2014

The complaint 248789 had run its course by March 2014 when the Planning Manager was thanked for conceding that the shed was too tall by 3m by reference to drawing  8296/2 and we should have been considering the fate of the shed as we had exhausted the Council’s Complaints procedure at the end of its second stage with an admission that the Residents were correct about the height of UK Docks’ shed  but it was not something the Council  wanted to admit.

The Head of Development Services, Mr Mansbridge had lied to the residents of Greens Place and Harbour in a letter to them saying that UK Docks had approval for their shed 2-May-14. It looks like he did this to avoid having to instruct his enforcement officer to halt work on it and he did this by overwriting the second stage 248789 a new second Stage by giving it a new number 253539. He said:-

The drawing you have referred to [8296/14] was submitted in discharge of condition 4 relating to the fixing details of the end panels. The engineer also chose to include a gable elevation of the structure on the same drawing but that was not drawn to scale. If it would help I would be more than happy to meet with you to show you the relevant plans and elevation as this may clear up this specific point. – George Mansbridge, 02-Jun-14

The lie, hidden in that statement, was ‘the same drawing but that was not drawn to scale’ and it reappeared in the Ombudsman’s findings -# 37.
It was drawn to a scale of 1:100.

The trap was sprung at the Meeting – July 8th,  when drawing 8296/14 was not brought to the table. The Planning Manager did not bring it to the meeting because it would have exposed the fraud that the shed was built to  the approved height and his part in propagating it. In doing this he was preparing the ground for a Senior Planning Officer to misinform the Local Government Ombudsman. Continue reading The Mansbridge Trap