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An Apology, 15-May-21

Dear Ms Abbott An Apology I owe you an apology for conflating unreasonable and unacceptable behaviour in my letter to Mr Rumney on Thursday. By the way, his copy was rejected by your server nearly 24 hours later. My views … Continue reading

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Denial by Monitoring Officer

Fwd: Complaint: 248789 – Unplanned Development on River Drive From: Date: 22/07/2020 (12:33:34 BST) To: Nicola Robason Cc: Cllr Angela Hamilton, Cllr David Francis, Emma Lewell-Buck MP, Keith Palmer, Customer Advocates, Hayley Johnson, Simon Buck, Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP Bcc: … Continue reading

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Job No 274396 (EIR for Screen Prints)

Initiation. Copied to my mailbox because the Council tend to ignore complaints they do not wish to answer and the original complaint will no longer exist. If they do respond, it will not be to answer the question or help … Continue reading

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Emasculation of Complaints

This is zero on the list of methods or devices used by the Council to corrupt the complaints procedure. It is used to kill off any valid complaint at birth complaint that the Council do no wish to handle. Its … Continue reading

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Interference by the Chair of the TGA.

There was no agenda because the Councillor said at the TGA meeting he would find out if the structure was built to approved plans i.e. it was the only item on the agenda, as simple as that. Some of us … Continue reading

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FBR 248789 – the Misepresentations

The complaint of 10-Jan was not recorded. The description in 248789 is not the complaint. It reads: Comment: see email to planning 14/1/14. Mr Dawson asking various questions relating to the ongoing development at the slipway, River Drive, South Shields. … Continue reading

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Council Approve Second Shed

Hi Julie, It looks like the ‘Council’, putting in the roadworks, stop notices etc. and laying the cable for the second shed have forced the Planning Committee into approving the second shed. I did not manage to get to the meeting to hear the … Continue reading

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