Cllr A: Slipway Development, River Drive and the LGO

Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2019 14:26:11 +0100
Subject: Cllr A: Slipway Development, River Drive and the LGO
To: Melanie Todd
Cc: Cllr Angela Hamilton, Cllr David Francis, Cllr Anglin, Andrew Tilbury, Peter Cunningham, George Mansbridge, Customer Advocates, Garry Simmonette, Hayley Johnson, “Gill Hayton (Solicitor)”, Mike Harding, Graeme Watson, Emma Lewell-Buck MP, Stephen Hepburn MP, Stuart Wright

Dear Melanie,
I adopted this format of an introductory email and attached letter shortly after I raised a complaint about Cllr Anglin in September last year – it allows for a large number of cross references or URLs and I can copy it onto the web-site.
Most of those above have been copied for information and a few because I am calling them something wicked. I’d be a hypocrite if I called them behind their backs by leaving of the list. If Customer Advocacy wish to tell Mr Swales what is going on it is up to them.
The two MPs are included because I wrote to them when I realised things were going awry, before we received the final draft from the Ombudsman, the big giveaway being that her draft and the last effort by STC did not mention the height of the shed at all. I’ll have to write separately Anne-Marie as her office think I am still in Shields. In the end it will have to be the MPs that handle this. The Local Government Ombudsman is no longer serving the public!
You may wonder what took me so long to get things into perspective but on a visit to South Shields last Summer I thought I’d go and look at my old house in Greens Place and I saw Graeme, or rather saw him hiding behind the rear door of his car. He clearly did not wish to be seen which was stupid but it reminded me of the meeting he, Haig and I met with the Cllrs and Peter Cunningham at the Town Hall. I had never seen anyone at a meeting look so uncomfortable in all my life and I remembered why. He and Cllr Anglin were both responsible for making it fail, and Haig was not helping so I looked to the minutes of the TGA again and sure enough there was lots to go on.
I also remembered a warning I had given to Emma about him, Cllr Anglin that is, while UK Docks were extending their shed in August 2017 and she replied that I really should complain to the Monitoring Officer and so I did on September 19th but I chose the meeting for starters. The main course is not served yet and I’ll leave Sunday working for pudding.
What I really feel about the response three months later is best left unsaid but you will get a feel of it from the attached letter.
I’ll see what happens over the recess and get back to you when Boris has seen sense and revoked Article 50. Ha – in the meantime if any of the links are of equal nonsense please let me know.


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