Conduct of a Ward Councillor

From: LEWELL-BUCK, Emma <>
Sent: 06 September 2017 12:30
To: Michael Dawson
Subject: RE: Conduct of Cllr Anglin re UK Docks
Dear Michael
Thank you for your email and I had a lovely summer thank you.
In relation to your email, I have been in dialogue with the council and residents in the last couple of weeks relating to the planning issue and also the containers which are on site. If I could update you with regards to our dialogues I am hoping it may prove helpful to you.
The previous issues relating to the boat yard have in fact now been looked at by the Local Government Ombudsman and they found no issue with the yard or anything relating to its development. Unfortunately, the Ombudsman’s decision cannot be re-visited.
I have met with the directors of UK Docks and have also liaised with the council and I am certain that no laws have been broken and the council are also discharging their functions correctly in relation to the boat yard and the subsequent containers which have caused concern to residents.
The council have also stated that they will no longer correspond on previous issues relating to the boat yard and its development and will now only address any new issues which arise.
In relation to the conduct of Cllr John Anglin, unfortunately I have no power to look into this, however if you feel Cllr Anglin’s conduct has fallen short of what you expect or you are unhappy with his behaviour then please may I suggest that you contact the Monitoring Officer at South Tyneside Council, Mike Harding, who you can formally report your concerns to and also make an official complaint if necessary.
I realise this is probably not the response or outcome that you had hoped for but I know you will appreciate powers are limited by law and that at the moment UK Docks are operating their business within planning and environment health requirements.
Best wishes and good luck with your move,

Emma Lewell-Buck MP
Member of Parliament for South Shields
House of Commons

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