Misconduct of Councillor Anglin

The email (6 pages long) which can be downloaded using the button at the foot of the article, was made in response to an email from Councillor to residents about her visit with the MP to UK Docks on March 1st 2019. I only deal with the point about planning though it appears that UK Docks have spun her a yarn on nearly everything else, noise and leaving floodlights on overnight included. The relevant paragraph is:-

Planning: While I understand the concerns you have raised about the buildings deviating from the original plans I cannot see any way to resolve this issue. You have said that the building is slightly wider and higher than the original plans but I have not been able to find out anything about why this happened. As I wasn’t a Councillor at the time I was not involved in any of the discussions so can’t confirm whether this was agreed before or after building works were completed and it wouldn’t be possible to reduce the building and it isn’t financially viable to remove and rebuild it.

The most important thing to notice is that she has immediately taken UK Docks side in the argument about whether the shed had been built without planning permission when she says: “You have said that the building is slightly wider and higher than the original plans’

We have never said that the variation from plan was only slight. UK Docks/the Council say that to deny that it is in beach of planning control on both counts (width and height). UK docks should have been asked to remove it or submit a retrospective planning application in September 2013 but they were not asked because the Principal Planning Officer (PPO) did not inform the Enforcement Officer. Why he was measuring the structure and not the building control officer has never been explained. Cllr A’s part in all this was that he agreed with the PPO that the breach in Planning Control would not be discussed at a meeting arranged specifically to discuss it.

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