Misuse of Complaints Procedure

by South Tyneside Council Staff.

when the Corporate Lead, the person responsible for the Council’s complaints, can write that there is no evidence of misinformation provided by Council officers to the Local Government Ombudsman it is plainly wrong. Even their Inspector doesn’t even deny it, he just says it is to late to complain.
It is hypocrisy for the Corporate Lead to say that attempts have been to have complaints considered in ways that are incompatible with their adopted complaints procedure – see list below.
And finally our complaints are now described as allegations which shows you the way that the Council’s Complaint Procedure (CCP) is going  under the guidance of the  Corporate Lead .

  1. referring one to the CCP instead of answering enquiries;
  2. not registering complaints when they are received and/or:
    • treating it as an enquiry and referring you again to the CCP;
    • passing it on for someone else to respond.

    adding misinformation, and it is rare that they miss the opportunity;

  1. concatenating complaints i.e. saying a new complaint remains that of an old one;
  2. mis-recording a complaint;
  3. putting it on the back of someone else’s complaint;
  4. treating the Local Government Ombudsman as the 4th stage of the CCP.
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