Original Complaint Remains Hidden

It may as well have been destroyed.

The email to Michaela was passed back to the author about which the complaint was made when it should have been addressed by Customer Advocacy thus effectively throwing it and my response in the bin. This meant that the author could resend the misrepresentation again. It being “There was no evidence of deliberate misinformation being given to the Ombudsman”.
The  word ‘deliberate’ is to avoid the point as misinformation of this sort is deliberate especially if the Ombudsman is not to uphold a legitimate complaint.
Mrs Hayley Johnson directly contradicts an independent Solicitor.

From: “Customer Advocates”
Date: Fri, September 16, 2016 10:42 am
To: “mick.dawson@theharbourview.co.uk”

Dear Mr Dawson

Thank you for your email and the copy of the letter sent to Mrs Johnson.

Mrs Johnson received your letter on her return to work 12 September and acknowledges its receipt.

For your information Michaela Green (nee Hamilton) is currently on secondment and therefore your email will be considered along with the letter to Mrs Johnson.

You will be contacted in due course following further checks into this matter.

Yours sincerely
Alison Hoy
Performance and Information Support Officer
Customer Advocacy
South Tyneside Council

From: mick.dawson@theharbourview.co.uk
Sent: 03 September 2016 07:27
To: Customer Advocates
Subject: Complaint: 248789 – Unplanned Development on River Drive

The email was addressed to Michaela Hamilton but she had moved on and had married as well and this was used as an excuse to pass it back to whom the complaint was about  – the Corporate Lead, Mrs Hayley Johnson
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