Technical Exam Question – revisited.

TestUnfortunately the main drawing is unavailable due to technical difficulties in the planning office. Please use the drawing above which is a detail from the river gable end of a planned boat shed and estimate the height and width of the gable end at road.
You are given that:-

  • The roof is flat.
  • The slipway rises by 2.7 meters over the length of the shed.
  • 686mm x 254mm RSJ is being used to construct the frame.

You are also requested to give some indication of the accuracy of your estimate as important decisions have to be made before the full plan is likely to be available.
Answers in the comments box below please.
Alternatively you can write to the h’view :  with an answer and estimate of accuracy.

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One Response to Technical Exam Question – revisited.

  1. Mick Dawson says:

    This was a page and is now a post, originally a filler put in while things were quiet.
    Things were not so quiet for the neighbours of UK Docks while they tried to fit the doors to the shed but quite interesting to the people on the North Shields side as they do not appear to mind the noise.
    In the meantime I’ve managed to figure out how South Tyneside Council have managed to conceal the fact that the shed is 2.7m too high from many people. Unfortunately the many include the South Shields Gazette.
    Why, one can only guess.

    MD 16-Jun-2016.

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