TGA – 2nd request for Meeting

Sent on 19/09/2013
Dear Chairman,
Thank you for your email. I’m not a committee member of the Tyne Gateway Association but I am a member and that is why I have asked for a Special General Meeting, particularly given the urgency of the situation regarding the unannounced development on River Drive and as there has not been a general meeting for over 12 months. As I understand it  all general meetings  require 21 days notice. I believe the Secretary has the membership list. It has also been the convention to publicise General meetings locally. Please call a Special General Meeting for a date as soon as the constitution permits to discuss the development at River Drive. I attach a copy of the planning permission and approved drawing as received the day after construction began from Peter Cunningham, principal planning officer, STMBC.
Thank you.
Member of Tyne Gateway Association.