TGA Committee Members

Sent on 13/09/2013

Dear all,
According to a list I’ve hunted out you are all committee members of the Tyne Gateway Association, which is why you are all receiving this email. I am writing  with a request for an Emergency General Meeting to be called at the earliest opportunity.Last week I requested that the Chairman called an EGM, but as yet I have received no response.
The Tyne Gateway is a constituted group which was set up in response to the proposed development to be sited down at the SAFT Battery Factory, which we collectively were successful in halting. We now are faced, for those of you who are not aware, with a new development which has been pushed under the radar, and is in the middle of being constructed at the Tyne Slipway & Engineering yard on River Drive. Many residents in Greens Place and at Harbour View have united in gaining information from STMBC relating to this development and have started campaigning for the development to be halted while consultation is undertaken with local residents. I believe that this is the very situation Tyne Gateway was set up to address as a united voice for it’s membership.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
Member of Tyne Gateway Association.

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