The Truth about the Height Using 1A.

Explanation of Drawing 8296/1A – (copy of document sent to the Ombudsman)

1. There is a clearer picture shown in the accompanying file: drawing 82961A.pdf
2. Mr Atkinson, the planning Manager has said that when this drawing is viewed alongside 8296/4 and 8296/4 it can be considered as approved and I do not disagree (if the river end is taken as 15.5m)*.
3. The fall along the length of the shed is 2.6 m
4. A full sized A1 drawing was kindly provided by Mr Mansbridge, the Head of Development Services and I have used this to get a solution to calculate
5. While some of the dimensions are foreshortened to accommodate all the elevations the drawing can be reliably used to calculate missing or erroneous dimensions within an elevation.
6. Both ends of the shed are shown as 15.5m and this cannot be true.
7. The Planning and the Development Services Department say that the road (south) end is 15.5m high. This is the word of the applicant.
8. I say that the height of the road end is 12.5m high and back it with the explanation below:
1) Detail of river end (north) elevation:
Height of shed at river end is 15.5m (12.5+3m)
2) The height of the river end (2): below. The river end of the side elevation has no dimensions in the drawing. There is no requirement for them as they are given on the gable end detail. They can be worked out however: the depth to the hip is 3m (see below ) and by proportion from hip to ground 12m giving a total height of 15m.
3) Height of the road end (south) elevation: below. Using the depth to the hip of 3m the height from hip to ground works out at 9.7m giving a total height of 12.7m. The 12.5 dimension should be pointing to the top of the shed. If this drawing equivalent of a typing error is corrected then the drawing makes sense. The road end of the shed has a planned height of 15.5 – 2.7m or 12.8m. The Planning Office have put forward an explanation to try and justify a road end height of 15.5m and account for the fall of 3m by making the planned height of the river end 18.5m. This cannot be supported if one looks carefully at the drawing.

* The Condition “if the river end is taken as 15.5m” is missing from the original Lexplanation1A.pdf
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