One Law for Gypsies another for UK Docks

From: Evelyn
Subject: Re: A article regarding breaking planning
Date: 8 March 2014 13:12:48 GMT

Dear M -in my conversation with Peter Cunningham recently he agreed that the structure is taller and wider than the one which had permission. However he said there  was not enough difference in which to enforce removal etc. He also stated that his department would ensure that all of the neighbours were informed if further planning permission was sought. He also informed me that the MOD contract was for small vessels i.e. Navy patrol boats and canoes etc from Army and that no steel work would be carried out.
However even though our conversation was pleasant enough  – my fears are not allayed   regards Evelyn

UK Docks shed is 3ft wider than planned.

Council wins eight-year fight to force gypsy couple to demolish double-wide mobile home they got away with building without planning permission – because it turned out 18inches too wide

Rodney Wilson and Pat Wenn moved onto land in Walsoken, Norfolk in 2006
But they ignored local planning laws which outlines ban to build on the site
Eventually granted permission for two static homes to be knocked through
Now council says home, which has pond and garden, is 18 inches too wide

However, after hearing additional information about his formerly ‘nomadic life’ – which he lived until he decided to settle down and cease travelling – they accepted his status and gave permission for him to build a ‘mobile home for persons of gypsy status’.

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