UK Docks – Noise

From: Kevin Burrell
Date:03/02/2016 10:43 (GMT+00:00)
To: HV Resident
Subject: RE: Noise from UK Docks yard River Drive [NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED]

Mrs R~~~~,
I can assure you that the staff at UK Docks are never informed in advance of any monitoring that we may decide to carry out or any visits to the locality.
I am unsure what you anticipate a 24/7 approach would consist of, but at this time we are keen to establish the nature and extent of significant noisy occurrences. This is why noise diary sheets are so vital, as they provide information which we can use in discussion with the Company to establish levels of mitigation or control that may be applied to their work practices to minimise noise levels.
Diary sheets were provided to Mr Routledge on the 25th November 2015,  and we were advised that he would pass them on to other residents. To date I have received no diary sheets back.


In response to

From: HV Resident
Date:03/02/2016 09:43 (GMT+00:00)
To: Kevin Burrell
Subject: RE: Noise from UK Docks yard River Drive [NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED]

Mr Burrell.
The diary sheets were inappropriate to the timings of UK Docks Christmas ‘knocking off’ periods! As with everything connected with our complaints no one appears to want to apply common sense in dealing with our issues.
As you can appreciate, this is an emotive set of issues and I apologise for moments when the emotions involved may get in the way of the more than robust facts.
We/I believe that UK Docks may get ‘wind’ of potential visits? As suggested  a more covert and 24/7 approach to monitoring the site activity and noise and pollution assessment would seem to be a better option?
As you are probably more than aware, we were bitterly disappointed with the planning committees decisions. However, none of the residents are about to let our concerns and experience of the yards’ less than appropriate position to established residences go.
We all hope that the environmental dept will ensure that our rights as residents are applied at the same level (which appears to be quite high in the councils esteem!) as UK Docks’ ‘established sites’ rights?
The councillors are supposed to represent their constituents; you are expected to apply the law in a just and equitable manner as local government employees.  As a Civil Servant myself, I am more than aware of my duty to uphold the public servant codes of conduct…

Yours respectfully
(It has been unusually quiet in the yard this morning. Were they made aware you would be visiting?).

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