Who was Keith Palmer?

Who was Keith Palmer?
From: Michael Dawson
Date: 23/10/2020 (11:58:37 GMT)
To: Emma Lewell-Buck
Cc: Angela Hamilton

Dear Emma,

On January 8th I received an email from Simon Buck:

Good morning Mr Dawson,
I wonder if it is possible to have your telephone number, I will then pass this on to my colleague Keith Palmer who will call you later today.
Kind regards.

Simon Buck
Office Manager for the
Office of Emma Lewell-Buck MP.

After a bit of thought I responded, 9th Jan, gave him my home phone number and said:

Dear Simon,
Sorry, I do not look in my mail every day and it may be better to use my personal email box daw50nmdj@hotmail.co.uk unless Keith wants to talk about corruption at the Town Hall, UK Docks etc.

Lunchtime, Monday 13th I noticed I had missed a call from your office on Westoe Road and was happy to return it [0191 427 1240]  but realised immediately that that Mr Palmer was only interested in closing down all dialogues concerning UK Dock and corruption.
He had therefore got my home number under false pretences and as you can see, and I thought I would put you in the picture that evening:

Dear Emma,
I answered a call today from a Mr Keith Palmer on 01914271240 and we spoke about UK Docks. Judging from the email address he gave me, I guess he must be your office manager in South Shields and from our conversation I gathered he did not wish to consider any further correspondence from me and suggested that because I now lived away you/he would not be able to deal with correspondence because of parliamentary rules. You and I both know this to be nonsense as the shed is on your patch.
He hinted at, expensive litigation, vexatious complaints and presenting new evidence to the LGO which shows he has been warned off helping me by an official at the Town Hall which in turn goes back to the attempt by the CLP to deselect you.
What I really needed from you was your support and Mr Palmer has indicated by our exchange over the phone that he is not prepared to give it. At the end of the day the Council are misusing the Ombudsman's Office to hide malpractice then use their findings to deflect any enquirers after the truth.
I understood from Mr Palmer that this was no longer a matter for Parliament but I think it is. Only Parliament can make it a criminal offence to lie to the Ombudsman. I have attached a copy of the letter from my Solicitor for Mr Palmer's perusal and he would do well to read the email to Customer Advocacy 03 September 2016 at the foot of the trail below. Incidentally it was passed back to Mrs Johnson and was not dealt with by Customer Advocacy. If it still exists it is lying unattended on a file.
In future, shall I just copy Mr Palmer any correspondence about UK Docks so he can place it in the file for reference?
Kind regards

It looks as if though this email was deleted without you ever seeing it as Mr Buck responded to the one below.
Logic does not appear be Mr Palmer’s strongest suit. I write to you twice and get a response from Mr Buck referring to a phone call – see attached dissection. What gave the pair of them away was that I had copied my email to Mr Palmer not to Mr Buck and yet it was Mr Buck who replied.
I have reattached the letter from Mr Tilbury and I suggest that you ask Mr Buck to read it. I have also attached a criticism of his empty threat of the 26th Feb and until I get apology from him, I will not let the matter rest. Mr Palmer is careful not to put anything in writing so I would not expect one from him.
I know you have more pressing business in Parliament, and it is a shame that you and your fellow MP’s (Bradford West and another, I did not catch the name of her seat) pleas for free meals fell on deaf ears but there is another issue which should be addressed and I will write separately about that.
For the near future, I will just keep you and Angela informed by putting you in the Bccs along with the other protestors like Julie, Melanie and Paul. At the end of the day Council’s like South Shields will continue to abuse the office of the Local Government Ombudsman until something is done about it and it looks like we will have to wait for Parliament to collapse or Dominic Cumming be deposed before there is any chance of that happening.
I notice from Nicola Robason and Stuart Reid’s letter to Cllr Malcolm that bullying is rife in South Shields Council and I suspect Mr Palmer’s actions are not unconnected. By the way who was Mr Palmer working for?

Kind regards,
Mick Dawson

----- Forwarded message from mick.dawson@theharbourview.co.uk -----
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 07:37:08 +0000
From: mick.dawson@theharbourview.co.uk
Subject: Fwd: Automatic reply: Complaint: 248789 - Unplanned
Development on River Drive
To: Emma Lewell-Buck MP 
Cc: Keith Palmer, Nicola Robason, Mike Harding,  palmerk@parliament.co.uk

Dear Emma,
I gave my phone details to you partner to pass to a Mr Keith Parmer,
he has them and I spoke to him yesterday on 0191 4271240.
Is it safe to assume he is your Office Manager in South Shields and we should write to him on any issues we have with UK Docks?
The case ZA4803, please see attached, and it has been with you for many years although it was passed to Anne Marie Trevelyan MP while I was lodging at 5 Second Avenue, Amble.
70 Greens Place was on the market for about 4 years and I did not sell it until 2019.
I was resident back there when UK Docks extended their shed in August 2017. I complained to you about the conduct of Councillor Anglin at that time and you suggested that I take it up with the Monitoring Officer, Mike Harding, and although I have not raised that issue with him I have discovered that he does not even acknowledge the receipt of any letters or emails let alone go any way to resolving any of the issues raised. 
I discovered this when I tried to raise a similar complaint with him at the back end of 2018.
Nicola Robeson does respond and she has confirmed that UK Docks were not given permission for their shed retrospectively which makes one wonder why they told you and Angela that they had.

Yours sincerely
Michael Dawson
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