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    1. Enforcement – Planning and Building Control Enforcement Policy
    2. General-Statement-of-Enforcement-Policy
    3. South Tyneside Local Development Framework:
    4. STMBC – Shaping our Future South Tyneside Council Strategy was quoted in a complaint about noise.
    5. Subject: Planning what can and cannot be taken into account:
    6. This is the Council’s document identifying potential development sites across the borough. Page 15 is relevant for us. Note SAFT site still in.
    7. Unacceptable Noise Levels. Mandatory obligation to deal with our complaints with regard to noise, Noise Act 1996:
    8. Noise and Health
    9. Environmental Health and Planning Enforcement STMBC.
    10. Uk Docks/Tyne Slipway For those that live nearby: expect this on your doorstep if the planned expansion of the Ship Repair Facility goes ahead.
    11. Nexus run the Ferries that are maintained by UK Docks.
    12. Corrupt Councillors LGO to get more teeth?
    13. Reporting serious fraud/bribery/corruption
    14. Criminal Fraud (Private Prosecutions) Bill 2017-19
    15. Officer jailed for section 106 planning gain fraud
    16. Code of Audit Practice
    17. Complaint Expert – Can we Trust the Ombudsman?
    18. 3 Types of misrepresentation
    19. add another