England Coastal Path

From the National Trail  Website:-

South Bents (South Shields) to Amble:-

 The tenth section of the England Coast Path to open provides walkers, amblers and ramblers with uninterrupted access to 44 miles (71 km) of beautiful coastline between South Bents and Amble in Tyneside and Northumberland.

Bits of it have disappeared behind luxury housing developments where it turns inland at the mouth of the Tyne to meet the Shields Ferry landing and another bit is about to disappear, because Northumberland County Council  are content to let it happen, where it turns inland at the mouth of the Coquet, in  Amble.

South Tyneside Council thought they coud get away with it by telling the protesters that the English Coastal Path is not Right of Way. What they were hiding was the fact that they had given to it the developer or owners(s) of the overlooking properties.

The mechanism for getting this done is simple and it involves the planning officers who are supposed to be in charge of the redevelopements  arranging for what were public footpaths adjacent to the developments being handed to the developer and it appears that Land Registry is updated at the same time.

It would appear that the system was so successful in South Shields that it has been adopted in Amble by Northumberland County Council.

For more detail, please go to the site England (NE) Coastal Path.