List of Documents relating to the Cover on the Slipway, River Drive.

There is an explanation of the truth behind the drawings below.

Drawing Description
8296/1A Apr 1996: General Arrangement (not authorised)
i) River End Detail 8296/1A
ii) Road End Detail 8296/1A
and Fig 4. Column Centre Offsets
8296/1B Feb 1997: Longitudinal Section and
Full site and Shed 1B (not authorised)
River gable end Detail 8296/1B
Road End Details 8296/1B
Height on 8296/2 (UKD)
8296/2 May 1996: Longitudinal Section(authorised)
and height detail. What appears to be 118.8m should read 108.8m or it would give a height of 27m -a small tower block.
8296/3 deleted?
8296/4 July 1996: ‘The Chapel’ (authorised) but not drawn to scale and dimensionless.
8296/14 Good copy: Strip Curtain Doors Fixing Details
Agents – Maughan Reynolds Partnership Ltd
Drawing details – including dates in August and September 2013
With dimensions: Strip Curtain Doors Fixing Details
ST269696 Proposed New Slipway Cover  undated