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Continue with 2016-2018.

2015 Reapplication for Phase 2

E/L Date Document and URL
24-Dec Email of 9th was in response to emails to planning. 30-Sep and 4-Dec:-
Dear Alison Hoy, Thank you for replying on behalf of Mr Simmonette. I believe my email of 15th July was a request for information and I thought I had thanked you for the copies of the screen prints. If you have not received the thanks then I thank you now.
I am fully aware of what the Local Government Ombudsman had to say and was I waiting to hear from the MP, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, before I complained to them about the Inspector’s report. I have not heard from her, in spite of three reminders, so please copy me the letter that you sent to her.
Yours sincerely, MD
9-Dec From Customer Advocates
7-Dec 3rd Email to Gary Simmonette about drawings
Drawing Reference error in introduction; for 8296/1A, read 8296/14
4-Dec 2nd Email to Gary Simmonette about drawings
30-Oct-Oct Progress Request to AMTPhase II amended new drawings – 2nd shed lowered
30-Sep 1st Email to GS – ST/0461/FUL
10-Sep ST/0461/14/FUL resubmitted with amended drawings.
31-Aug Copy of agents letter
22-Jul Request for Screen Prints -completion.
FR Number 274396 – Problem explained.
13-Jul Request for Screen Prints
Feedback Reference Number 274396 – Response from CA.

Corporate Lead being extremely dishonest in her response:

25-Jun Observation that the shed is too big overwritten by a character assassination.
Attachment 6 – Ignores the reference to the size of the shed and accuses the good citizens of south Shields of making allegations: The matters and allegations raised by your constituent are well documented and have been subject to a number of enquiries from Mr Dawson and other local residents over a lengthy period of time.
09-Jun Letter to Chief Executive and Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, 9-Jun-15.
You have not specified that the stated height (15.5m) is of the river end of the shelter and it is likely that, Mr Swales, if he follows the arguments of the Planning Manager and the Head of Development Services before him, will say it refers to the road end.

Branch to

2015 Phase 2 – Exchange with Planning Manager FR no. 266782

First Draft of LGO response CoveringMinute and Draft received  9-Mar-15.  3 months after writing to them. 

15 April Closure by LGO #48
12-Mar Closure by Customer Advocates
Audit Trail 266782 Part 2
[9-Mar] [First Draft of LGO responce CoveringMinute and Draft]
4-Mar Audit Trail 266782 Part 1

2014 Third Stage Phase 1- to Local Government Ombudsman 12-Dec-14.

24-Nov Customer Advocacy won’t say (Protect 4)
who is responsible for ensuring that buildings are built to plan
21-Nov Who is responsible for ensuring that buildings are built to plan?
25-Sep Stage 3 Response by CA on behalf of CEO
09-Sep Acknowledgement of 05-Sep Email
05-Sep Refer Email 4th Apr to Customer Advocacy and copy HDS
29-Aug MD to CA 29-Aug and attachment
Note about meeting July 8th
12-Aug MD to CA 12-Aug
Expansion of July 7th

 Phase 2
Observations, Phase II

July 2014 – 2nd Town Hall Meeting

After The Mansbridge Trap
Planning Managers Damage Limitation
with attached
TandWDC Report and Conditions
08-Jul Meeting – Non View of 8296/14
07-Jul Letter to CEO
a precaution.
Decide to talk D8296/14 with HDS

June 2014

20-Jun Application for offices, 2nd shed and extension of existing shed. ST/0461/14/FUL. The Agents Letter and drawings have been removed from the planning Portal. i.e. No longer available STC.
13-Jun The final Building Control inspection.
Certificate issued 17th June
2-Jun Response Mistitled ‘Stage 2’
There is no Stage 1

May and Complaint 248789 replaced by 253539

12-May Registration of Complaint 253539
Planning enforcement of Tyne Slipway boat shed
Letter to GM following previous letter dated 4th April. Not happy with G. Atkinsons response at Stage 1. Letter to be dealt with at Stage 2.
12-May Acknowledgement Letter
9-May Complaint about Response to Petition
2-May Misuse of Complaints Procedure
Complaint about abuse of Complaints Procedure
– Main Issue Avoided
2-May Mr Mansbridge’s response to Petition
ditto – MS Doc format
Early May Jonathan Wilson’s Letter to Residents
and Plans

Mar-Apr 2014

29-Apr Ferry taken onto the Slipway
25-Apr Planning Manager Passes the Baton
24-Apr Registration of Complaint 248789
see email to planning 14/1/14.
Mr Dawson asking various questions relating to the ongoing development at the slipway, River Drive, South Shields.
04-Apr Complaint about continued work on Shed
Acknowledged but remains unanswered
03-Apr Petition submitted to the CEO at the Town Hall
1-Apr Gazette Front Page
and article inside.
24-Mar Inspection Summary for Erection of Enclosure
1-Jan-01 to 24-Mar-14
20-Mar Reminder to STC that work still continues on the Shed
and Response 21st &
Industrial Site next to Harbour View
17-Mar Port of Tyne tug taken onto the slipway.
14-Mar Misplaced summary
8-Mar Comment from neighbour
4-Mar Response to Wish List
Combined Request and Response The approved drawing from 1966 gives a landward end of the shed as 12.7m. It is 15.5m.
Local Residents Wish List

Jan-Feb 2014

13-Feb Admission that the Shed is not built to plan
Dialogue leading to Concession

Planning Manager’s Second Response (Protect 3)

24-Jan Questions Unanswered
15-Jan Planning Manager’s Response 1
14-Jan Escalation to Planning Manager
13-Jan Work Continues
with Photograph
Interception by Case Officer
10-Jan Complaint Initiation, Photograph,
A8296_1A, B8296_1B and D8296_14

December 2013

20&21 Collusion GW and PC
20-Dec Denial No 3 (Protect 2)
*PROTECT is for internal use by STC
TGA Chair Interference and Response
19-Dec Denial No 2 Email from Councillor Anglin
The first denial is the meeting of the 25th Nov.
16-Dec Email to Councillor, PP Officer and TGA
10-Dec 8296/14 replaces 8296/1B on the portal
14 is approved – 1B is not
1-Dec Minutes of meeting 25-Nov-13.
Per Cllr Anglin


Trail 26 Nov to 20 Dec
Photo of Ferry
A’2′ Drawing

November 2013

25-Nov Residents meet Planning at Town Hall where they are told the shed is built to plans supplied by UK Docks (8296/1B and drawing with vital information missing.
TGA Meeting Minutes six hours later.
20-Nov13-Nov Invitation to Town Hall and TGA Meeting Minutes
15-Nov TGA Meeting Minutes
9-Nov AGM Meeting Minutes. Point of order – an EGM should have been held before Councillors Anglin and McMillan invited to attend any AGM.

October 2013

14-Oct Decision Notice ST/1146/13/COND
Drawing 8296/14

September 2013

23-Sep EIR-17. 17772 Summary
13-Sep Email to Planning requesting clarification of approved height amongst other things.
11-Sep Photograph of framesUK Docks Plans
10-Sep Gazette 10th Sept
with less frills
9-Sep Enquiry about Planned Height (Protect 1)
Gazette 9th Sept
or with no frills
Transcript of Article
6-Sep First Contact
Grant, Site Plan and undated Sketch

1996 Grant 1996(Conditions) or Plain copy of Grant(Conditions)
Decision Notes or plain copy