How the Head of Development Services was misled

Contrary to the evidence, his planning staff had told him that UK Docks enclosure (shed), in the dock yard off River Drive, had approval when it did not.
The residents claimed that it was nearly three meters taller than planned by reference to the only approved plan from 1996 with dimensions. This drawing, 8296/2, indicated that shed’s river end had a planned height of 15.4m.
His Planning Officers falsely claimed with reference to 8296/1A or 1B that the approved height at that end to be 18.2m in spite of that dimension being shown as 15.5m (note: on some of the drawings that dimension was missing). That claim was made using the dimension at the landward end of either drawing which was incorrectly shown as 15.5m as well.
What UK Docks and their promoters on the Council did not realise was that the residents could easily work out what the height should be from the gradient.