STC/Westoe Rd Office of MP

Mid January 2020 marked a sea-change when corruption  spread from the Town Hall to the Office of the MP on Westoe Rd.  The cycle of events has therefore moved away from the Council-UK Docks to the question about why the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) was misled.

The Questions were first posed in short letter to the Member of Parliament for South Shields in October 2019.

  • Why are the Council still pretending that they have not misled the Ombudsman;
  • Why did UK Docks tell the MP and a concerned Councillor  that they had been given permission retrospectively when they had not;

What you see below is a continuation of Evasions and Denials.  The events of the last six month bear such a similarity to the events of the previous six years that it appears that someone is using it as a model to destroy the ‘Office of the MP for South Shields’.
It appears that South Tyneside Council (STC) are using what is seen as a  foolproof system of by-passing the normal planning regulations and lying to the Ombudsman to favour pet projects such as 71 Greens Place and UK Docks Shed.
Judging by the interest shown in some of the posts it looks like other bodies are using the ‘The Harbour View Model’ to see how to corrupt any complaints process.
Nearer to home, a variation of the model is being used against the whistle-blower himself by parliamentary officials and they rely on the same deceit:- That STC did not mislead the LGO.

History repeats itself:

  • 08/01/20 Email from Mr Buck:- Request for Home phone number.
  • Returned Call 13/01/20 15:00:00 A ‘set up’ with a sting in the tail – Mr Buck was set up as well.
  • To ELB:     22:05 13/01/20.
  • Rejected 22:30 Note 25 minute delay i.e. rejected by human intervention (Mr B or Mr P?) along with the attachment; 8DDL.pdf
  • To ELB 07:37 14/01/20 07:37
  • Automatically dropped along with the attachment; toELB20Oct16.pdf
  • From SB 14/01/20 14:37 Misrepresentation of Phone Call

Mr Buck requested my home phone number to give to his colleague Mr Palmer, who rang from the MP’s office a few days later, and one would assume he was working in the MP’s interest but the returned call and subsequent actions showed this not to be true – initially by my emails to the MP being censored and/ or deleted manually but that stopped for some reason.
The 25 minute delay while my complaint to Emma was rerouted and the response by Simon Buck on the 15th January bore many of the hallmarks of the way the Council handle complaints
To SB 15/01/20

Please note:
1) There was no response to any of these emails;
and more significantly there were no rejections.
They show and gave as evidence , the files and drawings attached:
i) the ‘shed’ is 3m taller than approved;
ii) the Council had misinformed the Ombudsman.

Copied to KP, Cllrs AH and DF, Hayley Johnson and CA

To NR 15/01/20 MPs ELB and SH, Cllrs AH and DF, Hayley Johnson, Gill Hayton Mike Harding, CA and local Residents.

ToSB&KP 16/01/20 Copied to, Cllrs AH, DF and JA, Hayley Johnson and CA

To Melanie 17/01/20 To Melanie: copied to SB, KP, NR and circulated

To KP 23/01/20

Copied to MP, Cllrs, SB, PC and HJ
List of references.

Getting nowhere but at least I was connecting with the MP for South Shields again so tried a more conciliatory approach but was still met with a wall of silence.

To SB 24/01/20 Thank you, copied to KP and AH.



Copy ELB, KP, SB, Cllrs, PC, CA and Melanie.
Remains unanswered apart from saying that the Head of Legal Services had left the Council.
Forwarded emails reproduced as a reference file.

This was the state of affairs at the end of January and I was minded of a great quote: “Try to find something better to do than to try and teach a pig to sing as it only wastes your time and annoys the pig.” Recovered drawings and documents from Peter Dunn co. with vague plan of giving them to the local news channels, TV or Press. I knew that the once renowned Shields Gazette would not take it up so tried the Journal/Chronicle but had not heard anything in over two weeks,  reviewed things and upped the ante and bang:- automatic blocking reloaded .



ELB  Auto – Reply  and KP Out of Office reply.
12:06.  Copied to Cllrs, Graeme Watson, PC, NR and Stuart Wright
Attachment 1: Dishonesty at the Town Hall
Attachment 2: Destroying Evidence

Repeat of January 13/14th.  Flat rejection from MP’s inbox again as well as an out of office from Mr Palmer. Suspected use of propriety software confirmed.

The software is and normally provides an anti hacking service.

To SB with  failure notice.
24/02/20 16:50 4 rejections via MimeCast ELB, KP, DR and PH
To Cllr Hamilton 25/02/20 15:36 Copied to Simon Buck
Coercive Control

From NR 26/02/20 09:00 Repetition of claim that the Council had not rigged the Complaints Procedure or misled the Ombudsman

From SB 26/02/20 10:06 Misrepresentation of Phone Call (2)

To ELB 12:03 26/03/20 12:03 Reject via MimeCast (ELB only)
To Cllrs AH and DF 26/03/20 16:10 Short Explanation MimeCast

To ELB 02/05/20 07:57 Rejected Mailer Deamon
To KP 18/05/20 09:07 Reject via MimeCast Copy ELB, JF and SB
18/05/20 Software, first used during the Parliamentary Recess to exclude Mick Dawson’s emails from the MP’s inbox automatically are now fully activated, leaving her and Simon Buck in the dark until Mr Palmer returns on the 26th

18/05/20 09:30 KP Out of Office Return 26-May
18/05/20 12:38 Resubmitted to Jennie Formby
To ELB 13/06/20 14:03:00 Rejected Mailer Deamon
To Cllr Hamilton 25/06/20 15:49:00 Rejected Mailer Deamon

Planning Issues in South Shields