Denials by Principal Planning Officer

First Denial

The meeting at the Town Hall on 24th November 2013. Notice the use of ‘legal’ to mean compliant or built to approved plans. Notice also that he has grouped me in with the other two residents. The other two are local businessmen with an interest in ship repair yards.

Second  Denial

I had overlooked the response of Councillor Anglin because of the Third Denial a day later. This was in response to my email informing him, his fellow Councillors and Residents that the shed had not been built to the correct width:

Please see below the reply from Peter (Cunningham).

” Hello – I confirmed at our meeting with Mr Dawson and others on 25th Sept Nov 2013 that I had measured the width and length of the ground floor external footprint and height of the structure and that these dimensions were all in accordance with the attached approved drawing and planning permission.

Councillor Anglin, 19-Dec-13

The strike-through is my correction. The first response was within an hour and from Mr Cunningham: Mr Dawson – when did you get access to measure the structure on site ?
I did not need access to measure the structure as it could be done quite accurately from Greens place. Continue reading Denials by Principal Planning Officer