Trail of Deceit

Covering Email to Trail of Deceit

Full Trail:- Evidence-Trail-6-Nov-23.pdf

Dear Mr Harlow,

Evidence backing the Trail of Deceit

My combined email/letter of the 25th September had been incorrectly titled SDCandC-Petition, it has now been posted to the website as STCandC-Petition. You did respond within a few minutes but it was not to correct my error but to complain that I had annoyed you.

I believe thanking you for letting me know from where Mr Simon Buck got the idea to falsely accuse me of making vexatious calls to an MP’s office, was not harassment but a rather generous thank you:- “Thank you for making me look again at the process by which the South Tyneside Council misuse their own Complaints Procedure to hide malpractice of their planning staff and their manager.

I concede that I was being somewhat disingenuous because I reported that you had made the comment, Will you just give it a rest mate!, against a website Post rather than a Page because comments are not normally made against pages in WordPress.

I have also taken the opportunity to correct some of the other minor mistakes made in post, STC and Corruption – Petition.

I have no intention of giving it a rest until South Tyneside Council (STC) accept that I was correct when I complained in January 2014 that the slipway enclosure (shed) built by UK Docks on their slipway off River Drive is nearly 3m taller than planned. Unless one works there or derives some income from it, what is done about the shed is not important but as long as it remains, it is a symbol of the corruption that is endemic within STC.

It appears that you were attempting to present yourself as Mr Buck by using the email address of against a page where I describe how he threatened me with the misuse of a Parliamentary Code. Maybe you did not know that the disgraced Mr Buck should be keeping his head down he after he had falsely accused me of flouting of parliamentary rules but it now appears that you did by making the one word comment YAWN against the post, Contact Restrictions Review on May 12th.

You were not to know that he had removed the email shown below from the MP for South Shields inbox which is probably a prosecutable offence.

Re: Complaint: 248789 – Unplanned Development on River Drive Date: 13/01/2020 (22:05:29 BST) 
To: Emma Lewell-Buck MP 
Cc: Keith Palmer, Cllr Angela Hamilton, Cllr David Francis, Cllr Anglin 
Attachment: 8DLL.pdf (108 KB)

Dear Emma,
I answered a call today from a Mr Keith Palmer on 01914271240 and we spoke about UK Docks. Judging from the email address he gave me, I guess he must be your office manager in South Shields and from our conversation I gathered he did not wish to consider any further correspondence from me and suggested that because I now lived away you/he would not be able to deal with correspondence because of parliamentary rules. . .

Please note that the copy of the letter from Peter Dunn and Co was sent to Emma and not to Mr Buck. Nor was it copied to Mr Buck yet it was he who responded to the second email, sent to Emma early on the 14th:-

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