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Fwd: Contact restrictions review
Date: 12/05/2023 (13:31:26 BST)
Cc: Simon Buck, Keith Palmer, Alison Hoy, Nicola Robason


I made the assumption that the Simon of was Mr Buck who contacted me in January 2020 for my home phone number, when the comment “Will you just give it a rest mate! was made on April 13th 2023.

The comment was made against a detailed post* in the sub directory threat-by-the-councils-corporate-lead in the directory undercurrents and it was a welcome surprise as gave me a chance to question all of the decisions made by various planning officers ** by telling Alison Hoy that I would not give it a rest until a whole string of Council Officers came out and admitted that they had been lying about the shed, to some extent, since September 2013.

Alison was deliberately chosen because she had been persuaded to extend the vow of silence on April 28th 2023. It was first imposed by Mrs H Johnson under the direction of of the CEO, Mr M Swales in 2016.

I had been anticipating the renewal because the she had said a year earlier in 2022, re Shed and Corruption – Part 14:- I must therefore advise you that we will continue with your current contact restrictions, which was that any emails you make to officers of the Council regarding this subject, will not be acknowledged or responded to. She concluded:- These restrictions will be reviewed in twelve months’ time.

The first repetition of Mr Swales clampdown was made by Paula Abbott on April 30th 2021 under the title, Contact with South Tyneside Council, twenty days before the appointment of the current Chief Executive.

All nice and tidy and all the offending officers mentioned in the letter to Alison of May 2nd can smile and say when asked by their CEO whether UK Docks’ permission for their shed and I quote from the Monitoring Officer, from February 2020: It remains the case that all complaints procedures relating to this matter have been exhausted both internally within the Council and externally.

I’m mildly curious to know if you are not Mr Simon Buck who worked for a short while in Emma’s Office in Westoe but it is not important, not compared to the volume of lies hidden beneath the statement that all matters have been exhausted.

Kind regards,
Michael Dawson

* in fact, a page, not a post, and that is why, “Will you just give it a rest mate!, would not have been seen in ‘Recent Comments’.

** with the exception of the last Planning Manager whose last deed was to repeat the fraud that UK Docks’ shed had been built to approved plans. I believe he took early retirement about this time as his mailbox went dead soon after he had persuaded Ms Hoy to close down 266782.

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