Complaint: 248789 – Inappropriate Development on River Drive

----- Forwarded message from Nicola Robason -----
    Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2019 15:56:44 +0000
    From: Nicola Robason
 Subject: RE: Complaint: 248789 - Unplanned Development on River Drive
      To:, Cllr Angela Hamilton,
Cllr John Anglin,
Cllr David Francis,
Mike Harding,
"Gill Hayton (Solicitor)", 
George Mansbridge, 
Hayley Johnson, 
Alison Hoy
 Dear Mr Dawson,
 A typographic error on my behalf. 
Apologies – the sentence should have read ‘now’ consider rather than ‘not’ consider.
 I hope my reference to contacting you further in due course may have indicated this.
 Many thanks
 Nicola Robason
 Head of Corporate & External Affairs and Monitoring Officer
 South Tyneside Council

Dear Nicola and Everybody,

 Thank you for your apology and please note I have taken this opportunity to correct some of my own typos. I have also detached the attachments as they appear to have been duplicates.

 As you can see from the List of Denials which I have attached I have not added you yet but I have included new items 40-42 which concern the conduct of Councillor Anglin and the interference of Customer Advocacy which I may elaborate on later.

 Please discard my email of 12th December and its attachments and replace it with this email. You will notice that I still remain sceptical about getting any clarification on the retrospective planning.

 I know I shouldn’t judge you on one email but your predecessors have not set a good precedence. I suggest you look again at my correspondence with Haley Johnson and in particular my email to Michaela (nee Hamilton) of 2nd September 2016. It and my response to Mrs Johnson appear to have been discarded. Alison should be able to provide you with a copy of both.

 I seems that the Council have a policy for discarding (chucking in the bin) complaints that they do not wish answer and that goes for most of the officers I have had dealings with over the last six years, hence my response to your email of the 12th.

 My original complaint was discarded mid-January 2014 and that is why you will have problems getting to the truth and I wish you well in uncovering it.

 Kind Regards,

 Michael Dawson

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