Remodelling of The Harbour View

‘The Harbour View’ for the first year of its life was mostly concerned with UK Docks slipway shed, aka. cover or shelter.

The author had some outstanding issues with the planning department of STC when the slipway shelter was started and he would like to return to these.

During the year 2015 other things came into focus as well so it became necessary to split  into parts:

  • Expansion of Port of Tyne Biomass Handling Facility /biomass;
  • Regeneration Plan for South Shields /ss365;
  • UK Docks slipway shelter /shed.
  • Not quite right? /etcetera.
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One Response to Remodelling of The Harbour View

  1. mickd says:

    The expansion of the Port of Tyne Biomass Plant
    Very interesting how this was smoothed through the planning process without hardly anybody noticing.
    The expansion of the Biomass Plant entails the closing of Tyne Dock. This puts an end to UK Docks slipway business. There is no mention of this in any of the planning submissions connected the expansion of the Biomass Business.
    The closure of the adjacent public landing had the full treatment and indeed there was a campaign to keep it open.

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