Shed and Corruption – Part 17

Shed and Corruption - Part 17 - Messrs Buck and Palmer
Date: 20/07/2022 (17:20:25 BST)
To: Emma Lewell-Buck MP

1 Attachment: EmmaLB20-Jul-22.pdf (Messrs Buck and Palmer)

Dear Emma,

I’ll try and be brief, please see the attached file ‘Messrs Buck and Palmer’.
When Parliament resumed after the Christmas break 2019 I had hoped to resume my correspondence with Cllrs Hamilton and Francis about the shed on UK Docks slipway off River Drive with help from you when needed:-

Good afternoon Mick,
I am aware Angela and David are dealing with this, please can you let me know if there is anything needed from me.
Best wishes, hope you have a lovely Christmas

I had just established that when UK Docks had told Angela and you that they had been given permission, for their shed, they were being economical with the truth but shortly after the Christmas break 2019, I had a request from Mr Buck on January the 8th for my home phone number in Amble, to give to a colleague and I was suspicious as we had never had any dealings over the phone.

To get round this I laid down a condition:- Dear Simon, Sorry, I do not look in my mail every day and it may be better to use my personal email box unless Keith wants to talk about corruption at the Town Hall, UK Docks etc. and the following week on the 13th, I established contact by phone and I guess you had returned to work in London/Parliament.
It appeared to be a case of while the cat’s away the mice will play because the last thing Mr Palmer wished to talk about was the shed or corruption at the Town Hall.

I see Parliament will close down tomorrow so please place this in file until it returns on September the 5th and I shall hold the peace until then.

Take care, kind regards
Mick Dawson

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