Shed and Corruption – Part 20

Shed And Corruption - Part 20
Date: 20/02/2023 (16:53:17 BST)
To: Emma Lewell-Buck MP
Cc: Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, Nicola Robason, Alison Hoy
Attachment: To_ELB_MP_20-Feb-23.pdf (85 KB)

Hi Emma

Please see Part 20 of Shed and Corruption which has been attached. I hope it reads better than some of my earlier efforts.

I thought it was about time I put a summary out before I tackled both South Tyneside and Northumberland Councils for giving away bits of the England Coastal Path to people who live adjacent to it. In view of the difficulties I have had with Mansbridge and Co. I suspect that I might get more achieved than I have done with UK Docks by using Social Media as a weapon. Blame Cllr Purvis for that idea.

I though at first to post this Part on the anniversary of the admission by the Planning Manager that we were correct in our view that their shed was nearly 3m taller than permitted, but realised that Parliament was not sitting on the 13th so I’ll post it tomorrow to the WWW and add all cross references over the next few days. If anything is more like an allegation than a fact, I’ll publish a correction. Hopefully there are none.

I still think that the only way to stop a Council giving misinformation to the Ombudsman is to make it a criminal offence and if you and Anne-Marie, from opposite sides of the House, were to raise the issue I’m sure you would get a good response from most of the other members.

Maybe wishful thinking but even the remote threat of jail might make those doing it, think twice about covering-up malpractice by misrepresenting things to the Ombudsman and yes, I have seen Angela’s ‘resignation’ copied to the current Chief Executive, Even a mention of ‘The Seven Principles of Public Life (also known as the Nolan Principles) might improve things.

For some strange reason the police will not consider prosecuting planning officers even though fraudulent misrepresentation is a criminal offence, and UK Docks have become very wealthy since they moved from Tyne Dock so attempting a private prosecution is out of the question.

I notice that I have been accused of scattergunning again though I prefer to say that I am only broadcasting the truth which is why Alison has been copied in. Nicola has been sent a copy because she is the current Monitoring Officer and she should know the original complaint about the Shed was exhausted nine years and 7 days ago.


Mick Dawson

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