Slipway Shed and Corruption – Dead End

From: Michael Dawson <>
Sent: 27 May 2017 07:43
To: ATKINSON, Rebecca
Cc: Emily J Knight
Subject: Boat Repair Shelter, Tyne Slipway (Uk Docks)
Dear Rebecca,
I have attached a copy of my letter which I delivered to the Chief Executive yesterday about the conduct of Hayley Johnson, the Council’s Corporate Lead, and a Planning Officer which I think is self explanatory.
You will see I wrote the reminder to Anne Marie a year and a half ago about this because I lived in Amble at that time.
I thought that in accepting the proposals to extend the shelter, the Council were hiding the fact that it was built without permission. As predicted, permission to extend the shelter was granted and work has started in the last week or so on the redevelopment of the site so I have taken the opportunity to write to the CEO about the conduct of his staff.
I’m copying my letter to Emily because I hope to move back to Amble in the near future and I want to set things right between myself and Anne-Marie. Parliamentary rules may mean that Emily might be dealing this with this rather you.
Please pass on my best wishes to Emma and Anne-Marie respectively.
I’ll let both of you know of the response.
Yours sincerely,
Michael Dawson

Reminder to MP for Berwick

From: Michael Dawson (
Sent: 30 October 2015 16:08:16
To: Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP (
Cc: Emily J Knight (

Dear Anne-Marie Trevelyan
It is nearly five months since you wrote to the CEO of South Tyneside Council on my behalf about the Boat Shelter on Tyne Slipway being built without, in the Council’s own words, planning permission.
It is also six weeks since I sent an email to your Office Manager asking if Mr Swales had replied.
However I have had no response.
It would appear, if he has not written to you yet, that I can only assume he is condoning the irregular planning practises of his staff. The residents did raise a Petition with 300 signatories about this.
It would also appear that the Council are trying to hide the fact that the shelter has been built too high by accepting an application to extend it, as well as adding another shelter and extending the office block to the boatyard.
It also to confirms my suspicions that the Planning Office are unable to provide the CEO with any dated and approved plans that show that the shelter has not been built 3m higher than planned. However, to get to the point, you wrote:
“Mr Dawson maintains that the shelter is not appropriately located and is clearly concerned that planning conditions are being ignored and are not being enforced by the Council and I would be grateful to receive your views on this matter, so that I can report back to my constituent”
Are you able to report yet?

yours sincerely
Michael Dawson

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