To Paula Abbott, 30-Apr-21

Dear Paula Abbott,
Thank for copy of the Council’s Complaints Policy and the list of unanswered correspondence since January 2020. It is a very timely interruption because my first task today was to write a covering email for the letter I was going to post to John Rumney today: Shed and Corruption – part 3. I only finished checking it at three this morning and attach it now.
I notice on page 4 of the Complaints Policy a comment about unreasonable behaviour. If you look through my correspondence to Mr Swales 2014 to 2016 you will see my main concern is that the shed on the UK Docks’ slipway off River Derive is nearly 3m taller than planned but a Senior Planning Officer told the Local Government Ombudsman that it wasn’t.
In plain language he lied to them and so the Ombudsman found for the Council and for a while the Council used this to seed enquirers, like MPs and the Press, with the impression that I was making allegations the most notable of which was in attachment 6 to the MP for Berwick on 25th June 2015 by Hayley Johnson:
“The matters and allegations raised by your constituent are well documented and have been subject to a number of enquiries from Mr Dawson and other local residents over a lengthy period of time. The matter was ultimately referred by way of complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman, the outcome of which was delivered on 14 April 2015.”
They were not allegations and it looks like Hayley was given similar misinformation to that given to the Ombudsman. I suggest you read ‘Shed and Corruption’ Parts 1 and 2 and take this up with Nicola Robason before we go any further.
She said was going to respond to the last (2nd to last) letter on your list, RE: Conflation of Complaints, but has not done so:
From: Nicola Robason
Date: 24/12/2020 (11:37:26 BST)
Cc: Emma Lewell-Buck MP, Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP, Cllr Angela Hamilton, Cllr David Francis, Peter Cunningham, George Mansbridge, Hayley Johnson, Alison Hoy, Garry Simmonette, Angela Coutts

Dear Mr Dawson
Thank you for your email regarding complaints you have raised with the Council.

I am writing to acknowledge receipt and confirm that this matter will be looked into and you will receive a response week commencing 4th January.


When the approved drawings say the shed should be 15.5m at the river end but it was built with a height of 18.2m it is not an allegation to say it is taller than permitted, it is the truth

Kind regards
Michael Dawson

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